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‘I am Following my Flow’

So often I hear people who really don’t know much about Wealth Dynamics say, ‘I am a Creator. I am following my flow.’ What this really means is that they are randomly
going on some weird quest without any planning, while spending heaps of capital and time, and then getting down the track a month on and ending up worse than when they

Not a License to Ignore Everything Else
Take note: just because you have one profile, it is not a license to ignore everything else in life. If you do so, you actually are not using the Wealth Dynamics wisdom at all.

You see, I am a Star profile. In fact, I have zero Lord, Accumulator or Trader
in my profile chart, and very little Supporter, Deal Maker or Mechanic. But I realised that being a Star didn’t mean the end of spreadsheets for me, or asking lots of questions, or trying to cut deals. It simply meant that these things were not my path of least resistance. It may surprise you that my main two businesses; Rock Your Life and Avana Properties both have comprehensive business plans, budgets, cash flow estimates and
statements of position.

In Rock Your Life, I have created all these. In Avana, they are created by one of my partners, but I know the numbers intimately. I know how much is required on a daily basis to run these businesses, to break even, to hit profit estimates. I have found that most people who ‘follow their flow’ tend to drop everything else except what is in their profile. That’s not what it’s about.

Playing to Your Strength
Wealth Dynamics is all about creating the right teams and playing to your strengths, whilst having others play to theirs. That doesn’t mean heaps of employees either. It means maybe some of this expertise is contracted. For example, we recently changed two of our professional advisors who contract to us. The reason was that they were Creators and Stars. In our business cycle, we needed Lords and Accumulators. We needed every little point taken care of, and all the tough questions asked. So don’t be afraid to change people when you need to.

Just because you were born into a certain profile, it doesn’t give you poetic license to just flit through life swinging to the back of: ‘Oh well, I do that because that’s what a Supporter does.’ That response won’t serve you well at all. We are composites of profiles.

It is not about doing it all yourself either. Get the expertise you need, but understand that you are ultimately responsible for what does and does not happen in your business, not others. So keep a careful watch on the activities of all until a point where everything will run itself without you.

Play One Game
The other thing that I find amusing is when people say, “I am a Supporter DealMaker.” No…you are not. You are in fact one profile and you play one game. Time and time again, we have heard what Michael Jordan achieved by trying to play two games. There has never been a really successful double international sportsperson, and it’s unlikely there will ever be a really successful person who plays two profiles. If your chart says you are strong in two, pick your game. It’s the one the profile tells you.

I am super-creative and have at least a few hundred new bright ideas every day. What I have learned is to be careful with the distraction these cause, but also to let go. If I think they are really good ideas, I will relinquish them to one of my Creator friends, but consider how I can be involved as the Star, or keep part of the action. This way I concentrate on my game. That is being a Star.

If you really want to become an expert in your profile, then my best advice is, read all the literature slowly. I have found that when you read and interpret every sentence, it takes on a different meaning, or a more specific meaning. Scanning it leads to not fully grasping the concepts. Rightly applied,
they are very powerful.

Be in Balance
If you truly want to be in flow, then be in balance. Lead with your profile and use your ultimate strengths from that profile; but balance that with all the other energies, either contracted or internal or volunteer. If you have Summer energy, get some Winter to counterbalance you, and some Spring and Autumn to round it off.

Be a strong leader and focus on what you do best — but don’t use Wealth Dynamics as a reason to not do the other stuff that is also very important, even though you may not like it. Flow’

Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the creator of ‘Rock Your Life’, one of the most experiential personal development workshops on earth. He is also a global speaker and success coach. Contact Mike at or via

From XL Extra! Issue 4 2008


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