Posted by: XL Results Foundation | June 4, 2008

Seven-Year-Old Feeds Hungry Children in China

David Anttony explains how one young person can help feed hungry children through an innovative programme.

One day in Brisbane, a little Australian girl experienced a new way of giving. The seven-year-old, with a big bag of muesli in her tiny arms, walked over to the cashier with her mother. Upon scanning the bag, the cashier mentioned that with every purchase of Maple Muesli, a hungry child would be fed. The girl tugged at her mother’s blouse and asked,
“Mummy, can we buy another bag of muesli so we can feed another child!”

A New Way of Giving
This new way of giving is called Buy1GIVE1Free, becoming known as B1G1 — a new global service that partners any business with a worthy cause on a ‘buy-1-give-1-free’ basis. Every time a person buys a B1G1 Business Partner’s product or service, a portion of the profits is given to cover the costs of a related product or service that a B1G1 Worthy Cause Partner is offering.

In the previous example, Maple Muesli in Australia partnered with Midday Meals in Mumbai, India. Midday Meals is a charity that feeds a staggering 125,000 Mumbai children every day for just US$0.30 cents per meal. And most significantly, the meals are provided in
schools, so that the under-privileged children have to get an education to get the meal. Already, the programme has boosted school enrolments by over 60 percent!

Imagine the impact that Buy1-Give1 has when applied to thousands of everyday consumer products around the globe. Just imagine, for example, filling up your car and a tree being planted automatically. Or buying a large-screen TV and giving a cataract-blind person the gift of sight. Imagine having a meal at a restaurant and finding out you have just fed a child. Automatically.

Flipping CSR on its Head
The founders of Buy1GIVE1Free are Masami Sato, Paul Dunn and David Anttony. They launched B1G1 in Australia in mid 2007, but now their global headquarters is in Singapore.

“We are flipping Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on its head,” says Masami. “From Corporate Social Responsibility to Customer Social Response-ability — the ability to powerfully and positively involve existing and potential customers directly in the giving process. When businesses get that, it turns CSR into Supercharged CSR!”

People can participate in the B1G1 mission via three platforms: B1G1 PERSONAL, B1G1 Business and B1G1 Worthy Cause.

Through B1G1 PERSONAL,individual givers can make contributions online in some or all five
areas: the Environment, Education, Food, Shelter and Health. People can also make the choice to support and shop at B1G1 Businesses.

Sign up with B1G1
Worthy causes can sign up with Buy1GIVE1Free to partner top companies. By getting a steady flow of funds, worthy causes can focus on their core purpose of existence — serving communities or the environment. Studies show that the average costs of fundraising in the UK and Australia are 18 percent or 22 percent respectively. This figure does not even include huge administrative costs. B1G1 cuts these massive fundraising and administrative costs down: promising to take no more than 8 percent.

Buy1GIVE1Free, as well as providing a social service, also donates at least 10 percent of its profits to worthy causes. Furthermore, for every full paying business member, B1G1 gifts a free membership (normally costing US$200) to a worthy cause.

Business leaders are looking for opportunities to give back in effective yet simple ways. They are seeing the tremendous value B1G1 offers them from a marketing perspective. With powerful‘impact-matching’, businesses are gifted with attention-grabbing marketing stories. Compare a business that gives away a million dollars to charity with one like Maple Muesli, that lets their customers experience the joy of giving with Buy1Give1Free.

Sign up on the website:

From XL Extra! Issue 4 2008


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