Posted by: XL Results Foundation | March 3, 2008

Lifestyle Journey with a Difference

In some ways, leading spiritually-based travel tours seems a world away from owning and operating a successful business, but for Sharon Breslin it’s been a natural transition.

The New Zealand XL Life member sold her award-winning travel agency three years ago to set up Lifestyle Journeys, a tour company that offers travellers the chance to take an inner journey while they explore some of the world’s most fascinating places.

Sharon describes Lifestyle Journeys as a new form of holistic travel that aims to provide all the usual travel pleasures of sightseeing, shopping, wining and dining, but also offers travellers the chance of personal development at the same time.

The Power of the Mind

The idea for the business grew out of Sharon’s keen interest in the power of the mind and some of her own experiences when travelling to places like Egypt, Sedona, Peru and Tibet.

“We work with indigenous guides at each of the destinations we travel to, and through their knowledge and wisdom and the
special energy of some of the places we visit,I have experienced huge spiritual growth and development. I want to enable others to have those same sorts of experiences,” Sharon says. She sees parallels between some of the ancient knowledge and philosophies her tours expose travellers to and the basis of the XL Wealth Dynamics profiling.

“There’s just so much more to life than greed and materialism, and I believe every person who has the opportunity to learn the universe’s real truths will have a positive impact on the planet as a whole. I want to give as many people as possible that opportunity.

“People are generally more aware these days of all things spiritual, along with sustainability issues and the future of our planet. People are looking for more than just postcards and photos when they travel. They want meaning; they want to get as much as possible out of their experiences, and our tours aim to provide that.”

Unique Experiences

They certainly do provide unique experiences — Lifestyle Journeys takes people to experience the Incan mysteries of Peru; travel through Tibet with an actual Buddhist monk; take part in ancient Native American rituals in Sedona; and to walk the ancient pilgrim Camino Trail in Spain. Other destinations are in the pipeline.

Sharon says selling out after 25 years in the retail travel industry was one of the scariest things she’s ever done, but having gone from strength to strength both personally and professionally, she has bsolutely no regrets.

“It has been completely life-changing on all levels and I am so excited about being able to share all the wonderful things I have seen, done and learned in my travels.”

Sharon has a passionate interest in the connection between the past and the mind and body in this life. She believes reconnecting with the ancient wisdom and history at the places she visits helps people to reconnect with their own past lives. “When we reconnect with our past lives, we can not only heal many of the issues we have brought with us into this life, but also reclaim some of our past gifts and strengths and bring them to the fore in this life.”

Ancient Wisdom

She says people join her tours for different reasons — some because they have always wanted to visit a particular place; some because they have an interest in the ancient wisdom and knowledge at the sacred sites;and some simply because they are seekers,looking for a change of direction or guidance in some aspect of their lives.

“People can make as much or as little of the spiritual aspect of the tours as they want, but my vision is for everyone to have an pportunity for personal growth and development, and to come back to their day-to-day lives with more than just souvenirs and happy memories.”

Lifestyle Journeys is based in Wellington, New Zealand. For more information go to

From XL Extra Issue 3


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