Posted by: XL Results Foundation | February 28, 2008

Want to be a Talk Show Host?

Would you like to be an XL Talk Show Host? XL Radio General Manager Poonam Sagar tells you exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

Host your show on XL Radio in three simple steps.
No previous experience required!
XL Radio broadcasts via the internet reaching a global audience. After the broadcast, all shows are archived in topic segments for listening on demand 24/7 as podcasts.

Who, What, When & How!
Ideally, your slot on XL Radio will be a regular event (weekly, monthly,etc).

Who? You can target a specific audience. Similar to choosing a niche, the more targeted your show is, the more effective it will be in attracting the desired audience and generating the expected results/outcomes.

What? Choose a format and topics that are attractive to your audience and interesting for you to research and deliver. Examples of formats include solo audio presentations, interviews, cohosting,
guest experts, etc.

How? In three simple steps:

Plan your Content
Content is the key to a successful talk show. Plan your content within a niche area with precisely what your show will cover. Organise into time (usually 12 minutes on XL Radio) and number of episodes. Submit an abstract for each episode, up to 300 words.
Also, make sure to prepare inspiring opening and closing remarks. Maybe even give listeners a sneak peek at the next programme; it’s a great way to have listeners come back for more.

1. Recording and Editing
You don’t need to be a tech genius to record your show, but you definitely need some basic recording equipment and software. There are just three pieces of equipment required: a recording device (digital voice recorders or your laptop), a microphone, and headphones.

While we can’t survey the field of available recording equipment (model numbers and features change too often), we do have some suggestions for, what to look for, and XL radio can organise recording via the telephone as well. XL radio has a full-fledged audio studio with skilled sound engineers and a royalty-free music library to package your show into a professional broadcast.

2. Broadcast on XL Radio
So you’ve got the first episode of your show recorded, edited, ploaded and ready to go. Now you just need some listeners. XL Radio will promote your show for you through the XL Radio newsletter, online schedule and banner ads.Your show will be available to you as a podcast for your website and also available within the podcast section xlradio for download after broadcast.

3. Content Submission
XL Radio is eager to receive show proposals and concepts. Proposals are the starting point for consideration and will save you time in writing an entire script for something which may not be suitable right now.

Your proposal should include:

  • A one-paragraph summary of your show concept or idea.
  • A sparkling byline which outlines the idea in one sentence —think of this as the way in which the show would be advertised on air.
  • A write-up of no more than 400 words — giving an overview of the idea and your approach.
  • Personal details, including a CV, website url, product / service details if any, and any other key talent (i.e. presenter) you’d like to include in the programme.
  • An indication as to whether you will send us a pre-recorded audio file, or if you need support with this.

If your show proposal is selected, then it is likely that the XL Radio Producer will be in contact with you to develop and finalise your show.

All proposals should be sent to:

Typical Show Format
More Services now available on XL Radio:
1. Audiobook publishing via XLRadio – US$995

  • recording by our presenters
  • post production
  • packaging
  • graphic cover design/ podcast icon
  • sale on xlradio e-shop

2. Podcasting on XLRadio – US$ 12.50/minute

  • recording help/training
  • post production
  • packaging
  • graphic podcast icon
  • download from xlradio

3. Tell the world – Audio-greetings on XLRadio – US$ 25 broadcast very hour for one day: i.e. 24 times

  • recording via telephone
  • post production packaging

4. Webcast via XLRadio – 30 minute slot/week x 4 – US$ 10/minute

  • recording help/training
  • post production
  • secure paid access to subscribers
  • interactive via skype
  • available as podcast after broadcast

5. Audio Advertising slots – 30 sec at US$15/broadcast

6. Audio Advertising slots – 60 sec at US$20/broadcast

XLRadio tutorials at
Stay tuned to XL Radio! Daily inspiration at the click of a mouse!

From XL Extra Issue 3


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