Posted by: XL Results Foundation | February 16, 2008

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Learning Experience

Darshana Shah explains to Susan Gallagher why the Entrepreneur business School is such a fantastic experience that no Life Member should miss.

The XL Entrepreneur Business School (EBS) is a major stepping stone for every XL Life Member, and one of XL’s major events that no Life Member should miss. For four amazing days in Bali, (the next event is April 4 – 8, 2008) Life Members will be enthralled as they learn from the real hands-on experience of entrepreneurship in action. EBS provides every entrepreneur with the tools he or she needs to become more successful, to develop new businesses and bring them to a higher level.

Darshana Shah, XL Group’s Marketing & Events Manager, explains its importance: “EBS has become one of XL’s marquee events and is regarded by many as the entrepreneur event of the year. We’ve put together an internationally acclaimed Mentor Panel — and having Roger Hamilton as the presenter and host of this event is priceless.

Real-Life Experience

“EBS centres on the ‘XL Entrepreneurship Challenge’, wherein teams are formed and are given a real-life business plan to work on and develop,” she continues. “Participants are encouraged to submit their own business plan, based on an existing business or one they plan to undertake. These plans are short-listed and then assigned to teams at the event. The teams are put through a series of games, challenges and competitions,through which they experience the essence of entrepreneurship.”

During EBS, people experience different breakthroughs and discover the tools to become more successful. As they learn to develop new businesses and bring them to a higher level, they simultaneously discover more ways of looking at and solving problems and overcoming obstacles.

“Besides the tremendous learning curve,” says Darshana, “EBS also offers an excellent opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs from all over the world and to form long-term bonds. We’ve received overwhelming testimonials from our past participants and many of them have entered into successful business partnerships. The sincere gratitude we receive from the participants,” she adds “is the most rewarding part of my job!”

There will be great mentors at EBS this April. “Once again,” Darshana says, “we have been lucky to have the mentor support of Paul Dunn, Martin Jimmink, Mike Southon, Margaret Loh, Eric Edmeades and, of course, Roger Hamilton.”

An added bonus is the event’s idyllic Balinese setting. Le Meridien Spa Resort is a five-star luxury resort overlooking the famous Tanah Lot island temple and famed for the most stunning sunsets in Bali. Connecting the resort to the sea is a landscaped cascade of ponds, waterfalls, fountains and swimming pools. The resort has a full range of restaurants, shops and sports facilities, a luxurious Balinese spa and a world-class golf course designed by Greg Norman. There are also full-day supervised activities for accompanying children.

On the last evening of EBS, a celebration reward night will take place to give recognition to the ventures, teams and participants who have excelled at EBS.

Response from Life Members to this EBS programme has been enthusiastic, and registration is going strong. Due to limited seats, reservations are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrations are currently being accepted.


Darshana Shah
Tel: (65) 65086786

To find out more about this event, log on to

From XL Extra Issue 3


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