Posted by: XL Results Foundation | December 5, 2007

Adventure Seminars Combine Education with Experience

Eric EdmeadesArriving at the pinnacle of success, XL speaker Eric Edmeades says, is just like climbing a mountain, and he aims to prove it to you. His SEE YOU AT THE TOP (SYATT) programme is the ultimate lesson in developing mental toughness and emotional state management.

Eric, an XL Life Member and serial entrepreneur, was inspired to create his SYATT programme after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with a group of friends in 2004.

“When I stood at the peak of Africa,” says Eric, “and looked back at everything I had to overcome to get there, I realised what a great metaphor I had just experienced. Better than board-breaking or fire-walking — which are good metaphors for quick decisions — climbing Kilimanjaro was exactly like running a successful business. It required state management, daily action, careful planning, powerful teamwork and a clear vision.”

Mental Toughness

During SYATT, Eric teaches his participants his 7-step system for overcoming adversity and managing their state of mind no matter what they face. “This,” he explains, “makes them infinitely more resourceful when they go home to their families and businesses.”

Eric continues, “Mental toughness is the art of being able to handle, or even align with, adversity. We cannot prevent ‘difficult’ things from happening, but we can all agree that being in a productive and positive state of mind allows us to respond in a very effective fashion.”

While teaching these skills in a classroom is possible, Eric wanted to make sure his participants learned and experienced the skills so they would become practiced at applying them. Once the classroom section is done, the team heads up Kilimanjaro where they put their lessons to good use.

Back to School

When Eric climbed Kilimanjaro the first time, he had another powerful experience — but not on the mountain: he visited a local school.

“My IT company had just changed logos so we had about a thousand ‘useless’ pens with our old logo,” he explains. “One of our team suggested we give them away at a local school. The head mistress showed us around, introducing us to some of the most grateful and willing students I have ever seen. When she explained that most kids did not have access to schools, I decided it was time to build a few.”

This experience lead Eric to make sure that every one of his Adventure Seminars™ left behind what he calls, “Philanthropic Footprints.” Now, after the climb, the participants take part in the Build A School initiative and work to establish schools in the communities that need them most.

“The kids came into the school we built in February [2007] and were amazed and excited. They sang, danced and brought tears to our eyes”, says Eric.



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